If you are thinking of coming to All Saints for your wedding, we would like to say first of all: Congratulations on your engagement, and best wishes for your future!

We hope this information helps you in your thinking and planning.

What to do first? Please contact us to discuss your wedding at an early stage. We will invite you to come to meet us so that we can give you some basic information.

The Vicar holds an Interview Evening every Tuesday Evening at The Vicarage 5:30pm-6:30pm (no appointment needed, just come along).

Legal Matters and Banns of Marriage

Because of the historical situation of the Church of England as the established church of the nation, any couple has a legal right to be married in the church building, if one of them has a connection with the parish.

In church the licence to get married is called “ Banns of Marriage ”, and it comes in two halves, one for each of you. It means that a formal notice of your wedding has to be read out in church on three Sundays, so that anyone who knows a legal reason why you cannot be married will have a chance to say so.

We will arrange the dates of your banns when you book your wedding. You are not obliged to attend, but most couples like to come and hear them for the three Sundays. If one of you lives outside the Parish, you will also have to go to the Church of England Parish Church of the parish where you live, and fill in a form for your banns to be read there as well. Then you must get a certificate that they have been read.

This is very important, and you cannot be married without it. There is a legal fee at the for the banns and the certificate.

Wedding Arrangements

Please call: 0759 4184621